Top Web Design Vancouver Trends to Adopt

Graphic Design & Branding

As a designer, it is important that you give your end customer experiential website. The interface should be both accessible and usable, so that they are able to attract maximum customers.

As we enter the new year, there are a few web design Vancouver trends that will accompany the designer and should be part of the assets they deliver.

  • Minimalism is an essential trend for all the designers. We have a habit of including everything and anything into the website we design. However, the fact is the lesser things you have on the site, the better it appears. A clear and purposeful design is the best way to attract more users. When including animations, make sure you use slow yet detailed animations so as to attract maximum attention.
  • When designing a website, introduce as many images and videos as possible to keep the users engaged. The maximum attention is given to something that can be understood within a few seconds. If you want to deliver engaging experiences, add images along
    with the content so that people can understand and move on with the concepts you have conveyed. Chances are, the more videos you have for the product or service, the better your customer understands you.
  • In website design company, the shadows are essential as they create a depth effect. You don’t need to use flat design all the time. you can easily convert any flat design into a semi flat and capable design with this illusion effect. The shadow effect can be used to make the text appear slightly raised. You can even use these effects to introduce visual hierarchy into the elements, and make it visible to the end users
  • As a designer, your show is not limited to designing website alone. You also need to design logos that shine out. In the mobile-first world, it has become essential that you introduce the mobile-first logos as well. It will help you with having the same effect on mobile screens too. Google has already started with the responsive logo culture, and the others are following it too
  • When you introduce content into the web design Vancouver, you need to make sure there is enough empty space around the content. This will attract a good amount of attention towards the content, and help with increasing engagement levels. The negative points are also used to create focal points or drama in your content. Basically, when you use these spaces, you tend to introduce the point of interest in your design, and also help the users understand the difference.
  • The modern web designs should include cinemagraphs, GIFs and other types of image based content. It will help attract attention, and get the user to move down the funnel, towards conversion. These interactive elements tend to grab more eyeballs, thus improving your user’s experience
  • Vibrant colours are still in trend. So, when you are indulging in website design Vancouver, make sure you introduce some interesting and vibrant colours to the site along with bright gradients. If you want to improve the attention span, combine it with some creative typography as well.