What is SEO, and why is it so important for your company?


SEO stands for search engine optimization. It mainly increases the searchability of your website
and increases traffic to your website. If you have a startup or you run a business, it is essential to
have a well-designed company that is excellent SEO integrated into it. Having a great SEO website will help land your company’s website in the no one spot in google search results. How is SEO created? SEO is created using keywords, link building, and good content. Here are some of the benefits of applying SEO to your company’s website:

  • Increases traffic to your website: You will not get any visitors to your website if it is listed on the 10th page of google search results. Your site needs to be listed on the first page of google search results at least to get visitors, because do you even go to the second page of google search results? The majority do not. To increase traffic to your website, you need to up your SEO game, and you can do that by hiring an SEO agency Edmonton. When trying to improve the SEO on your website, it is important to follow google’s guidelines regarding SEO because it is the biggest search engine in the world used by the majority of internet users. People often forget that youtube ranks second to Google in search engine, and it is also owned by Google. This proves that the majority of internet users use google apps and products, so following google’s guidelines will help you get better visibility.
  • Good SEO now means a good user experience: Good user experience is pivotal to google. A few years back, the keyword stuffing would do the trick. It would land you on the no one position on the search results. Now it is not the case anymore as Google has learned to distinguish between good content and a rubbish one. Now you have to apply various tactics, always be up to date with what is trending to get your website on the first page of google. Google now seeks to provide the ultimate user experience, which is by offering the search of their query quickly without them having to surf for longer.
  • Seo benefits small-sized companies: Like there is a local search, there is local SEO, too, which can help you find new customers locally. People now often search on their phones looking for the nearest gas station, or nearest cafe, if your website has been optimized, your website will pop up when they search for services locally. Experts will use backlinks and local listings to drive traffic to your website. So hire an SEO agency that provides SEO services in Edmonton.
  • Frequent Google algorithm changes: Every year, Google changes things up to make the search engine better for internet users. These changes also lead to changes in the SEO world. Hence you need an expert who can keep track of the changes and be up to date with all the latest tools and tactics that need to be applied to stay on the first page of Google search results.

Several tools are used by SEO experts; Google Keyword is one of them. Many of these SEO tools are free, and you can play with these free tools to understand how SEO work.