Calgary Alberta Website Design: A Guide to Creating a Stunning Website for Your Business in Alberta

Calgary Alberta website design

An Overview

If you have launched a website currently but there is something that is not working right? Even though there is a good amount of visitors to.The landing page, the home page, the logo everything looks fantastic with good loading speed.  However, the conversion rate is still very low. 

After everything is in place, there is still a problem. That is an unappealing website design.

An engaging website design is essential to attract potential customers. It also needs to hold their attention long enough to help them comprehend your services and products. Therefore, if you want to own a robust online presence then establish a well-designed, professional-looking website design.

Importance of a Good Website Design

An attractive Calgary Alberta website design is important to visually appeal to the eyes of the customers. Online users, search a query and get multiple options that fit their needs. But they will go with that option which will look attractive to their eyes. First of all, a beautifully designed website sets the first impression on the mind of the visitor. A study found that around 45% of users expect websites to load in less than 2 seconds. And nearly 75% of web users make judgments about the company’s credibility via its website design. Moreover, a mobile-friendly website design also enhances sales and boosts conversion rates. Today more than half of consumers prefer to purchase from mobile-friendly websites.

So, a well-designed website goes a long way in helping your business establish an online presence and gain loyal customers.

Calgary Alberta website design

Key Reasons Why Good Website Design Matters

  • Brand Reliability

A study found that three-fourth of the users judge the credibility of the business through web design alone- that is UX and UI design. Websites are the essential brand assets in the whole world. This is the platform where your customers come to get full information about your unique value and offers. 

  • User-Retention

Users prefer browsing beautifully designed websites over basic ones. All the elements of the website such as navigation, imagery, color palette, etc. impact user retention a lot. Thus, if you want to enhance your sales and boost traffic then all these elements should be in the proper place.

  • SERP Ranking

A good design plays an essential role in enhancing the ranking of websites on search engines. If you want to be found online and boost organic traffic then the website should be readable as well as accessible. Quality content improves user engagement on websites, it also invites crawlers to check it. Thus, the Google algorithm will index it higher in search engine result pages.

8 Elements to Create a Stunning Website in Calgary Alberta

  • Speed Optimization Is Must

It is widely accepted that nearly 47% of online consumers expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds. So, a bad speed ruins the user experience as well as the reputation of the website. The speed of the loading is directly proportional to the user experience, SEO, and conversion rates. If you want to earn high traffic to your website and also want to avoid high bounce rates. Then, optimise the speed of loading of the website properly.  

  • Easy Navigation

As you are offering a long range of products and services, it will be difficult for the users to choose the desired one. So, in this condition, navigation plays a significant role. Using a site map is a wonderful idea. The customer can easily get it by entering in the search bar. It makes it very easy to navigate the pages.

  • Specific Call to Action

A call to action button on the website indicates an instruction to the visitor to encourage them to take some kind of action. After investing time, effort, and money into creating a website to promote your business, the last thing you want is for your visitors to not leave without taking any action. Therefore, the simple task of placing concise and easy-to-read CTAs on your website comes with several benefits for your brand.

  • Information Accessibility

Not all customers have enough time to browse the whole website for every single page and feature. They sometimes only want to learn some important things. This includes information about the brand like return policy and customer care number. So, this kind of information should be crystal clear on the front page of the website. An attractive and informative Calgary  Alberta website design helps a lot to enhance the potential customers towards the brand. This gives a good impression on the customer. 

  • SEO-Boosting Element

SEO is the technique that helps to make a website rank higher on the search engines’ result pages(SERPs). The higher you rank, the more the clicks will be. So, there are many changes in conversion rates. An SEO-optimised website ensures to rank your brand higher in search engines. Therefore, It focuses on improving the loading speed and adding quality content. It also creates backlinks, does extensive keyword research, adds long-tail keywords, and many more.

  • Mobile Responsive Design

In modern times, people spend their time on mobile phones rather than desktops. So, it becomes important to establish a mobile responsive design for the website. If you want to earn fame through mobiles, then minimise text-blocking ads or popups. Also, remove the themes and increase the loading speed of the website.

  • Compelling Content

Clear and informative content is the king of website optimization. More than half of the clients are interested in reading about brands that they use and support. It also influences the buying decisions of the customers. So, it is necessary to add quality content, and interactive images to the websites that offer value to the brand.

  • Impactful Visuals

Websites that contain high-quality, impactful images have higher click-through rates. The attractive visual elements help to capture the attention of the users. However, too many images or videos also reduce the loading speed of the website. So, make sure to add limited but quality images or videos without affecting the loading speed. 

Final Takeaways!

To infer, the whole discussion above, it is clear that redesigning or establishing a new website is an arduous task. But, one can perform this task in a very easy manner by following the right strategies. A website should be a copy of the products and services in an impressive way. All information should be clear and authentic.

Even in the current era, one can take the help of a web design agency to attract more users towards the brand. Remain sensitive and constantly monitor the industry and your rivals to find out what’s new in the making. To outperform your rivals, adopt the strategies listed above, and don’t be afraid to adapt to new situations.